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Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950 - 1998) was a miracle maker, visionary feminist, software entrepreneur, music producer, author and enlightened American Buddhist teacher.  Based on interviews with over 100 people, this biography covers Rama's life and early teaching years from 1950 to 1989.

Real instruction takes place through transmission, not just words.  Rama transmitted states of joy and stillness to his students and lecture hall audience members.  These empowerments are present and available for you today.   





Expand Your Views on Love -- Valentine's Day, 2016

Liz Lewinson


Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all its forms. Blue Skies Buddha reminds us of a different type of love that stems from the deepest regions of the heart. Blue Skies Buddha is in fact a love story, the love of a Buddhist teacher for teaching and helping others.  

As Rama pointed out, we can waste our energy thinking that romantic love is the only game in town.  The excerpts selected below from Blue Skies Buddha remind us that there is more to love than romance and flowers.  There is also an ecstatic love for life that fulfills our deepest yearning, empowers us and elevates our spirit.  The awareness of this love is kindled through meditation, inner stillness.   Blue Skies Buddha is an iconoclastic, modern love story.

Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz spoke of love from different viewpoints:

--- When we love it takes us beyond our self, otherwise we're just absorbed with the preoccupations that we invent. But when we love someone, we can do something magnificent. We look beyond our own immediate needs and we become more concerned about the welfare of another.

--- In the process of the years of meditation and self-giving, self-analysis, I found that I no longer loved as I had formerly done.  As I went on, the relationships got better and better.  And they meant less.  The relationships that I had became more and more impersonal, yet had more love in them.  It's an odd incongruity.  I loved more but I was less attached.  In other words, my love was no longer bound by the body, it was a love of spirit.

--- I’m trying to tell you that life is so much better than you can imagine.  That eternity is so complete, nirvana is so perfect and shining, but you’re just skimming it.  You’re missing it.  And that’s a part in the process.  But if you just reach a little more, if you just extend your self-giving, your love, a little deeper, if you just try a little harder in your meditations, it’s endless, it’s perfect, it’s beyond anything that you can imagine.  And I would like that for you.

--- [Referencing meditation journeys to the desert, where he zoomed 30 yards across the sand without touching it] If I believed there was a physical, I could not do this.  We walk upon the Grace of God.  Nothing else exists except that.  It’s like gliding.  You walk just above the physical.  You only walk or live this way if you have a terrific love for Existence.  If you have total faith and love then that which you love will help you.  Then you can walk on anything.

--- When I find myself coming back to this world, I realize it's because of love.  Love is the strongest force in the universe.  You can travel to all the multifarious realities – infinite planes of awareness – merge with them and become them.  Yet, if love is lacking, it will all remain flat. If love is lacking in your consciousness, your awareness will be dry.  You will be empty.  If you love enough, you can do anything.

--- About 75 to 95 percent of all attention in this world is devoted to romance. And it's such a waste, it's incredible, because you get almost no return on your investment – it’s power lost.  I think you need to look at yourself a little bit and assess how much of your energy you're putting in that direction. I have no argument with romance or with love but if you're fixating on it too much, you'll find that you're losing a tremendous amount of energy.

--- You can store power through love. Whenever you love, you compress time. Time stops. The world stops and you step outside of it.

--- Love creates a bridge, a bridge between peoples, a bridge between nations. The absence of love is war, hate, enmity, fear.

*      *     *

Instead of focusing on romantic love (its presence or lack in your life), why not use Valentine's Day or any other of the 364 days in the year to consider a more universal love? Close your eyes and meditate by trying to stop thought and focusing on the heart chakra in the center of your chest.  Imagine love emanating from your heart center out to your home, your city, your nation, the globe.  To help you, listen to some music that radiates love -- the band Zazen's "Ecstasy," which was created to help you stop thought and meditate.

Please also scroll down and see the blog from 12/22/14 titled "Men and Love." 

This will give you new experiences and insights about love.



Solstice News: Blue Skies Buddha #1 on Amazon Kindle

Liz Lewinson

Reached another milestone this weekend -- Blue Skies Buddha is a #1 bestseller on Amazon Kindle.  How cool is that?!?  It happened right before the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  Rama spoke of the Winter and Summer Solstices as two of the times of great power, meaning power to transform and change. 

People make New Year's resolutions but Rama spoke of visualizing the jumps you intend to make in terms of awareness and material achievement in the framework of Solstices and Equinoxes.

In the Fall Equinox of 2015, I pictured Blue Skies Buddha as achieving some initial success by the Winter Solstice, creating a foundation upon which it would grow.   During the past three months, the biography became a finalist in two categories of USA Book News Best Books of 2015, hit a #1 spot on the Amazon Kindle best seller list (in its category for Buddhism), received great new reviews and more -- that I can't say yet! 

I am visualizing the future for Blue Skies Buddha between now and the Spring Equinox.  Rama's suggestion to follow the energy lines from Solstice to Equinox is a powerful way of making wonderful and empowering change in your life.

USA Book News 2015 Best Book Awards Finalist

Liz Lewinson

i got the news a few nights ago that Blue Skies Buddha had been named a finalist in two categories (the only two in which the book was submitted) in the USA Book News competition for best books of 2015.  

The two categories are Biography and Spirituality: General.

Over 2,000 books were submitted by publishers from big mainstream to indies.  The judges were also from a wide range of backgrounds.

As a writer, I am thrilled.  My goal in writing was to create a book that everyone could read whether or not they were familiar with Buddhism or had ever heard ofRama - Dr. Frederick Lenz,    My goal was to share the huge, peerless adventure that his students experienced, so that those who weren't there might partake of it.  My goal was to share teachings that are perfectly targeted for 21st century people with careers and aspirations, so that readers might learn and gain.

Now these goals seem closer.  I look forward to engaging in the dialogue!

October 13, 2015

Liz Lewinson

New beginnings are exciting and powerful.  Today the first public announcement of Blue Skies Buddha went out over the wires.  You can find the press release here.  Tonight I did something unusual.  I often work at home at night – on blogs, emails, Lenz Foundation business, books.  Tonight I went out after work to ABC Carpet & Home, on the second floor of a very magical store filled with lights and crystals and finely crafted expressions of beauty.

The theatre on the second floor is Deepak’s home base.  Wow.  What a fine example of spiritual architecture.  The setting was open, spacious, bright and clean, the walls had pictures with fine yoga aphorisms.  Behind Deepak on stage were sculptures and affirmative expressions of self-worth.  Wooden branches broke up the space and added a playful dimension. 

I never heard Deepak speak before.  He reminded me at times of my first spiritual teacher, a man from India who was immersed in Hindu knowledge yet able to express it in ways that made sense for Westerners. 

OK, I cheated.  I just wikipedia’d Deepak.  Not that Wikipedia is reliable since the nay-sayers often come in and negate the good.  Having read it, however, now I am totally on Deepak’s side.  He has persisted in spite of criticism.  He has been backing research on meditation’s beneficial health benefits for years.  Now that research is paying off brilliantly, as more and more scientists are leaping into the field to discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  Deepak is a medical physician but a lot of the meditation sniping comes from his fellow doctors.

Deepak grew up in India and is immersed in its rich spiritual knowledge.  Tonight, Deepak interviewed a man named Michael O’Neill, a photographer who created an evocative book of photos of yoga masters, primarily in the Far East.  What a fine podium Deepak has created.  Tonight, I gave Deepak a copy of Blue Skies Buddha.  I sense he is reading it.  New beginnings.

About Blue Skies Buddha

Liz Lewinson

When Rama first started teaching meditation as a solo teacher, he often instructed audience members to lightly “gaze in my direction.”  In that manner, thousands of manifestations of liquid golden light were witnessed by thousands of people.  Blue Skies Buddha, the biography of Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz, originally was self-published as Rama Gaze in My Direction.  That was a fine title, but I soon felt that the title was geared towards students and friends, and I did not write this biography just for the people who knew Rama.  I wrote it for the people who would soon get to know Rama.  That’s you!

I pondered a new title for most of this past year.   Many different titles came to mind, rose like flowers in the desert and quietly disappeared.

One day, I was visiting my cousin in Laguna Beach, California.  She has a five-year-old daughter named Harper.  At the end of a day of family fun, she picked Harper up, balanced her on her hip and said, "Cousin Liz is looking for a new title for her book.  It's about a very nice man who was a Buddhist and he helped a lot of people."  Harper had her arms around her Mom.  She immediately looked me in the eyes and said in a firm, no-nonsense voice, "Blue Skies Buddha."

OH.   Blue skies – optimism, openness, no boundaries.  Like Rama.

Then I happened to be rereading Rama’s book of advanced Buddhist concepts, Snowboarding to Nirvana, and I realized that for all three of his initiations with the two monks he describes in that book, he began his entrance into samadhi by visualizing a brilliant blue sky and merging with it.   I had another aha moment.  Rama is the Blue Skies Buddha.

The Blue Sky Meditation practice from Snowboarding to Nirvana is now at the back of the biography, published by MB (Mystic Buddha) Publishing House.

The Ebook and paperback are on Amazon!

Men and Love

Liz Lewinson


These are excerpts from a talk given by Frederick Lenz.  You can find the talk here:  Women, Men and Self Realization.

If you’re a man the best way to balance your energy is through love. Women need to work on power and claiming their power and realizing their independence and asserting themselves more and more and not letting others run their lives or ruin their lives.

For men it’s a little bit different. Men have to soften their nature. It’s necessary to practice the yoga of love and to lose interest in power and conquest. In relationships with women it’s necessary to be gentle and to foster the power of women.  As a man, what you need to do is learn about surrender and self-giving and humility and self-effacement—if you seek eternity.

It’s best to meditate on love and on the heart and to just learn to love more and more. This will be a painful process for you because men have, by and large, turned off their emotional selves because they’ve been told that being a man means you should turn off your emotional self, and if you don’t you’re a bit of a sissy.

Now, I don’t mean you should become maudlin and wrapped up in emotion. What I’m suggesting is, men need to open their hearts up and learn to love and practice kindness and allow those emotional whirlpools to open up within themselves. I’m suggesting a tone, a feeling, hopefully through my voice and through the vibratory energy that speaks forth at this time, regarding the self-realization of men and women. There are no special techniques. It’s just that everything is backwards—women are viewed as powerless and men are powerful. Both are powerful.

The strength of a man’s character is expressed through gentleness and through love and ultimately through discrimination. You meditate on love, you live in love, love purifies your nature. It removes the stain of selfishness, slowly but surely. Practice meditation and self-giving and work on humility. It’s the most important.  Then, after many years of meditating and love, and when your love has become so large that it embraces all of eternity, then you’ll practice discrimination. You’ll go beyond love as we know it. We’ll never leave it, but we’ll experience other things, let’s say. Then you’ll practice discrimination. You’ll dissolve the personal self, which experiences a certain type of love.

For a man to attain liberation, gentleness is the requisite, and love, for many, many years, and to be very gentle with all beings. To be strong but to have a delicacy in your strength; to just practice meditating with love and to become less wrapped up in others; to not abuse women and to not be what you’ve been.

As a man it is necessary to become loving and gentle and kind, to be strong as you can be and to be fearless, a fearless warrior, but at the same time to be delicate and to work on your capacity to love purely.