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Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950 - 1998) was a miracle maker, visionary feminist, software entrepreneur, music producer, author and enlightened American Buddhist teacher.  Based on interviews with over 100 people, this biography covers Rama's life and early teaching years from 1950 to 1989.

Real instruction takes place through transmission, not just words.  Rama transmitted states of joy and stillness to his students and lecture hall audience members.  These empowerments are present and available for you today.   




Tell me about an Enlightened teacher...

Liz Lewinson


What is it like to work with an enlightened teacher?  This is described in many ways in Blue Skies Buddha, quoting from the experiences of many people.  There isn't one way.  An enlightened teacher, as any good teacher, works with everyone differently. 

Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz wrote a poem about enlightened teachers. 

Enlightened Masters -- from Insights, Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life (1994)


Enlightened Buddhist Masters are hard to work with

Because they are:





Overly friendly,

Too optimistic,

Too pessimistic,

Too realistic,

Never tell you what you want to hear,

Never appreciate your efforts,

Always point out your weak spots,

Are unattached to everyone and everything,

Don’t grant you your every wish,

Make fun of you on a regular basis,

Are always on time even when they are late,

Have power but are controlled,

Are infinitely more happy than you are,

Are empty,

Are able to do things you can’t,

Are above desire and aversion,

Always do what is spiritually correct,

Pay no attention to your preconceived

Notions of what they should be like or

How they should act,

Turn gold when they meditate,

Don’t care about morality or immorality,

Will do anything to alleviate the spiritual

Suffering of another,

Love God beyond comprehension,

Have passed beyond the boundaries of human reason,

And are always able to find a parking space

Quickly and without apparent effort.